How to Be Smarter With Money When You’re Broke

Whether you legitimately have pennies to your name or you don’t have the funds to get by, being broke isn’t fun. The unfortunate truth of the matter, though, is that there’s not much space for wallowing in self-pity. In a capitalist society, you must make an effort to improve your financial situation. This is crucial to building security, much less financial independence or abundance. So, whether you’re working to earn a higher income or cut back on your spending, your personal finance efforts can move you from being broke to feeling like you’re in control of your funds.

Make more money.


When you don’t have enough money, the very concept of getting more can seem like a sort of magic bullet. If you can receive a hefty bonus or raise, come into an inheritance, or win the lottery, using those funds wisely can significantly improve your financial situation. However, these options aren’t always accessible, if even possible. In these cases, you might consider taking on a second job or following a new career path.

For instance, Instacart jobs can be an effective way to make money on the side. Instacart store shoppers act as personal shoppers for clients, picking up groceries and other crucial items and delivering them to their front door. Over the last year and a half, store operations have adjusted to accommodate Instacart grocery workers and help customers through the challenging time of COVID-19. Plus, Instacart shoppers can create their own schedules, allowing this side hustle to work with their individual day-to-day lives, whether it acts as a full-time job or you join the ranks of Instacart workers in your downtime.

Cut unconventional costs.


As you research ways to improve your financial situation, you’ll hear suggestions like “Stop buying your morning coffee.” Sure, you can decrease the amount you spend on these little luxuries. For a more significant impact, though, consider ways you can cut back on other concepts in the coming months, such as your prescription costs. The best online pharmacy can get you the same medications you need without unnecessary costs.

Unlike most conventional retailers, you’ll find that online pharmacies or other alternative tools give you a better deal and a more excellent experience. Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, these act like a particular lifeline. In the middle of this public health crisis, online pharmacies fulfill customer orders remotely, allowing customers to get their latest batch of prescription medications delivered right to their door. The health of their customers is a top priority, so an online pharmacy is a great place to make sure you get the things you need to control your own health.

Save what you can.


Depending on the cost of living in your area, you might struggle to put aside extra funds—your money barely covers your necessities, much less bulking up your savings. However, even just a small amount can add up to a big difference later. In a place like the Chicago area, where the cost of living is 23 percent higher than the national average, the minimum wage or even a higher salary won’t go so far as in other areas of the U.S.

Still, saving small amounts of money is helpful, like with an automated service that rounds up your total at grocery stores or other store shopping receipts and saves those extra cents for you. That way, whenever you refresh your food supply at the nearest grocers and supermarkets, you can enhance your savings without leaving gaps in other areas of your budget.

From starting a side hustle as independent contractors with Instacart or another grocery delivery service (or other delivery company) to cutting costs while boosting savings, it doesn’t matter if this is the first time you’ve been broke or you’ve been struggling for a while.

Once you or both you and your partner pick a plan, you’ll be that much closer to the financial well-being of your dreams. That may be as essential workers in San Francisco, shoppers in another part of the U.S., or as dedicated frontline workers (a list that includes grocery workers and full-service shoppers) amidst COVID-19. Either way, you’ll be happier and much more secure.