Instant Curb Appeal on a Budget

Whether preparing a house for sale, moving into a fixer-upper property, or looking to make a change curb appeal is important. Beautifying a home’s exterior doesn’t have to break the bank. Here is how to create instant curb appeal on a budget.

Basic Cleaning

Dirt and grime accumulate on a house over time. A quick way to spruce up the curb appeal of a house is to clean it by power washing. A trip to the local hardware store to rent a power washer and an afternoon of washing the house is all it takes to give it a fresh look. This applies to the side, windows, garage door, and the driveway. Don’t forget about the gutters when washing the house. Scrub the inside and out to remove any debris that could impact how well the gutters function.

Once the exterior is clean, go around the property and make note of any cosmetic fixes that need to be done. Chipped paint, burnt-out lightbulbs, and ripped screens are all cheap and simple DIY fixes that can be completed in an afternoon.

Create an Entrance

Creating a well-defined path and front entrance gives a house an inviting feel. A path can be as simple as gravel lined with lighting and plants or it can be a larger-scale stone or brick path. Use symmetrical patterns to make the entrance look put together. Install updated, matching light fixtures on either side of the front door, and use the same planter boxes and greenery to give a uniformed look.

Outdoor furniture is a nice touch, but too much quickly clutters a house. Be smart about what outdoor furniture to use and where to place it. Think simple stools and a matching table for small yards and elegant rocking chairs or Adirondack-style seating for larger yards.

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An overgrown lawn looks messy and makes a house look uncared for. The easiest way to boost curb appeal is to routinely mow the grass, rake fallen leaves, and pull weeds. Maintain the lawn by watering it to prevent the grass from dying and turning brown. Keeping up with a lawncare schedule makes the task a breeze and prevents overgrowth.

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Fresh Colors

Applying a fresh coat of paint is an affordable DIY project. A vibrant-looking color on the front door will make an entry stand out. Choose a bold color that will complement and enhance the existing exterior colors of the house. Spruce up a garage door by painting it the same bold color as the front door, or consider staining it. Painting window shutters, decorative molding, and flower boxes also add value to a home.


Little touches can make a big impact on curb appeal. Replace old and outdated house numbers with new hardware that makes a statement. Look for a font that complements the home’s architectural style but also catches attention. If it’s within the budget, also consider replacing the doorknocker, door handle, and doorbell. Instead of replacing the mailbox freshen it up with new numbers and some paint.