Tips for Creating Space in Your Home to Unwind

Many men can’t go without a “Man Cave,” but they’re not the only ones who need a space in the home to unwind. If you’re a busy mom who can only find privacy in the bathroom—hopefully—then it’s time you get a “Mom Cave.”

You can build it in almost any available room, including your master bathroom. You can go with vintage or modern decor. The possibilities are endless. Continue reading to get some tips to create the perfect space for Superwoman to unwind.

Upgrade the master bathroom

If you have a master bathroom in your home, then it could be the perfect place to go to unwind. Besides, it may already be the place you run to from time to time to hide from the kids! Even though you likely share that bathroom with your other half, you can probably come to a compromise on some upgrades.

Give your bathroom a touch of sophistication with a vintage clawfoot tub or commit fully to relaxation with a hot tub.

Either one is great for sinking down into and enjoying a nice warm bath with a cup of aromatic bubble tea and a book. A serene and stylish bathroom makes for the perfect getaway spot.

Use the versatility of your sunroom to your advantage

If you don’t have a master bathroom in your home, then you’re going to have to stake your claim to the extra room or other unused space. How do you think men get their Man Caves?

If you love natural light and have a sunroom in your home, then that’s the perfect place to convert into a “Mommy Haven.” Their versatility is the best thing about sunrooms—you can customize them to fit just about any interest or function.

Use that versatility to your advantage. If you have a green thumb—or have always wished you had one—then your sunroom makes a great greenhouse. With it being attached to the house rather than inside it, you’ll have privacy so no one can eavesdrop while you talk to your plants.

If you desire a more relaxing setting, then set your sunroom up like a living room. Deck it out with plush furniture that won’t fade quickly in direct sunlight, and accentuate it with modern decor. Now you have the perfect place to get some silence and solitude or have a couple of friends over for an easing “Girls’ Night.”

Build a she-shed

While the mom cave has been around longer, the “She Shed” is gaining popularity. The best thing about a she-shed is that it gives you complete privacy away from your house. However, they’re usually slightly smaller inside than bedrooms, sunrooms, and home offices.

Though a she-shed gives you less room to work with, they’re pretty easy to build and cheap to have built. They’re much more cost-efficient than remodeling a room. So, if you’re willing to sacrifice size in the name of complete solitude, then a she-shed is for you.

Your she-shed should be comfy and cozy, but keep it simple. You should consider going with a nice floral design to give it a feminine touch while keeping it an extension of the great outdoors.

Speaking of the great outdoors, don’t forget to beautify the space around your she-shed. Flowers and garden statues will give your little slice of heaven a natural and welcoming refinement.

Or, you could even put a small terrace outside of your outdoor Mom Cave. Cover it with a lattice-like awning that will give you shade and keep you cool without completely blocking the sun.

Once you’ve completed the design of your She Shed, you be sure to show it off. A digital photo manager is a great way to share your photos with family and friends without uploading them to social media for the world to see. You simply upload your pictures to the photo manager and give access to those you want to have it.

You can even hang lights on the lattice if you want a more festive welcome when you retreat to your private paradise. Your photo Your terrace will also be a great place to sip good wine with great friends!

Sometimes, you need to get away even if you can’t go very far. The good news is that even if you can’t book a trip to the islands right away, you can create a private island at home just for you.