Why Gold Is a Good Investment

Investors are constantly looking out for the most profitable and safest areas to pump their cash towards and reap great rewards. There’s no shortage of investment avenues available to investors to explore, but few have stood the test of time as well as gold.

Several financial experts consider gold the best type of investment anyone can make due to several reasons. Below are some specific insights into why this precious mineral should feature prominently in your investment portfolio.

Inflation Hedging


Inflation lowers the value of fixed-income and cash savings, eroding your money’s buying power if it doesn’t earn you great returns. Therefore, having investments that can give you a greater return than the present inflation rate or keep up with it is a great way to cope with inflation. Historically, gold has been an excellent inflation hedge because its prices typically rise when living costs increase.

Gold prices still soar while the stock market plunges, and people always buy gold when they think their local currency is losing value because it’s a store of value. Besides gold, you can also explore other alternative investment opportunities to build wealth. Trusted alternative investing platforms such as Yieldstreet will come in handy when seeking assets to invest into.

YieldStreet is a digital wealth management platform offering its investors several alternative investment opportunities in various asset classes, including real estate, fine art, litigation finance, marine finance, and commercial finance. YieldStreet investors must have a net worth of at least $1 million or earn $200,000 annually, or $300,000 combined with their spouse, to qualify as accredited investors. However, they recently launched their Prism Fund, allowing you to make minimum investments of $1,000 in five income-producing asset classes. This investment platform also enables you to put your money into the YieldStreet wallet, which is a high-yield FDIC-insured savings account where you can earn interest on funds held on Yieldstreet irrespective of your accreditation status. What’s more, the platform is credible due to many positive YieldStreet reviews, besides returning more than $500 million to its investors throughout 2019.

Rising Demand

Demand for gold has been enhanced by the increasing wealth of rising market economies in previous years. In China, for example, gold is now a part of the culture, with several people having gold bars as traditional savings. Also, India has several uses for gold, especially jewelry, causing the highest global demand for this precious mineral during the Indian wedding season. Gold’s demand is also high among investors, making it worth exploring. Consequently, several mining businesses are actively involved in satisfying the increased global demand for this mineral. Esteemed mining companies such as Alamos Gold are good examples of such organizations.

Based in Toronto, Alamos Gold Inc is an intermediate gold producer with four North American operating mines where they carry out their diversified production. Their Young Davidson mine and Island Gold mines are located in Northern Ontario, while their El Chanate and Mulatos mines are in Mexico. Alamos Gold Inc. CEO, Mr. John. McCluskey remains committed to sustainability throughout its mining operations. As such, Alamos Gold includes forestry projects in their budgets to combat deforestation due to their mining activities, preserving the ecosystem. McCluskey recently revealed that many Alamos Gold, Turkey exploits have been delayed due to the search for partners for its Kirazli project. Alamos’ miners continue to uphold their core values of integrity, safety, teamwork, sustainability, and commitment to creating lasting and beneficial legacies for all stakeholders.

Sustained During Crises

Gold is also a safe bet for investment because it’ll perform well during geopolitical tensions, periods of low confidence in governments, and even in all-out war. As such, it’s widely regarded as a crisis commodity, as several people prefer to invest in it during tense periods due to its relative safety. Gold outperforms any other investments in crisis times, so you can use it to store wealth in uncertain periods.

Gold is an excellent investment option due to a broad range of reasons. The above-listed points are some insights into why it’s a great place to put your money into.