Creative Ways to Market a House for Sale

Marketing a home can seem almost impossible for some people, but in reality, all it takes is a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of help from Google. Marketing can lead to an increase in interest from potential buyers as well as expand your client base. Additionally, you can use a good marketing plan template to make your house reach hundreds if not thousands of people around the world.

Here are some creative ways in which you can market a house for sale.

Add inflatables to attract drivers.


The house you’re selling is likely elegant and will most likely attract people who have already seen the house in an ad or an image online. However, you want to call out the attention of everyone that passes by the house with something a bit more shocking so it leaves an impression. You can do this by adding an inflatable. Car dealerships know what they’re doing when they use a giant, flapping inflatable to attract people into their stores. Use their technique with a different kind of inflatable, like a giant green cat or something that represents your brand.

Make good use of non-traditional holidays.

Also, in the spirit of creativity, you can make use of weird holidays to sell a house. For example, you can use popcorn day or tortilla chip day to attract people in your community that would be interested in celebrating the quirky holiday while doing a house tour. You can post online that there will be free popcorn or tortilla chips for anyone who visits the house. Toss in an extra bag of popcorn if they sign up for your call list.

Publish short clips on social media.


Moreover, use social media to launch your campaign with short video clips that show how great the home you’re selling is. People enjoy clips that can keep their attention so opt for 30-second clips on Instagram or two-minute videos on YouTube, for example. You can do lip-syncing music videos, aerial drone clips, and quick home tours to highlight some of the best features in the house such as a pool or an acre of greenery.

Partner up with the local community.

You don’t have to do everything by yourself. You can ask for help from your local community like micro-influencers, local shops, your home’s architect or interior designer, anything goes. You can even do videos with cute pets or nearby shelters and groomers to show off the community’s cutest neighbors, for instance.

Tell local stories and lifestyles.


You can also choose to tell local or personal stories about your experiences in your town or city. You can also tell other people’s stories with their consent, or even interview them asking about their experiences. You can tell fun facts about your neighborhood or town so people get hooked on an interesting and fun story. This will help potential buyers decide if they want to live in a place like your town or if they’d rather keep looking. For instance, if your potential buyer has five dogs and the town has a club where they go on a walk with their dogs and make friends with each other, this could be just the place for that person.

Hire an expert.

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