Move Beyond the Familiar: Try Something New in Your Life

Variety is the spice of life. Unfortunately for many of us, we’re not getting enough of it. Stepping out of our comfort zones and trying something new is key to feeling more excited about the days ahead as we navigate life. But saying that we need to start doing something new and actually doing it are two different things. Do you need some excitement and variety in your life? If so, here are a few ideas of new things that you can pursue.

Try your hand at learning a new language.


Online learning has exploded in recent years, making it easier for anyone wanting to learn a new skill to hop online and do it. For example, if you plan on taking a trip abroad or you simply want to learn something new, one way to get some more variety is to learn a language that you’ve always wanted to speak.

Apps like Belatone make it easy to achieve the conversational fluency you desire by being able to converse with native speakers, immersing yourself in real dialogues to learn vocabulary and language structures, and even getting paid to be a conversation partner once you learn the language yourself. If you’ve ever wanted extensive, real-time support with a language and the opportunity to earn for your efforts, Beltone has everything you need to become fluent in your favorite language.

Find a new diet that interests you and stick with it.


How you eat directly impacts your physical and mental health. Making the decision to change your dietary habits will not only give you a new focus in life but make you look and feel better too. Of course, a diet isn’t just all about weight loss. A diet should be a lifestyle change that helps you achieve a better quality of life. There are plenty of diets out there, include the keto diet, the paleo diet, and even the vegan diet. Ultimately, the one that you choose should feel simple to follow and not restrict you so much that you feel miserable in the process.

For example, let’s imagine that you decide you want to be a vegan for personal and ethical reasons. Given the rise in plant-based products and veganism as a whole, this diet will be extremely easy to follow. In today’s world, you can even find condiments like vegan sour cream to put on your burritos and other wraps. Made from ingredients like rapeseed oil, white wine vinegar, and lemon concentrate, vegan sour cream gives you a simple alternative to other products in your grocery store that won’t fit in with your diet. Just stock up on these items, print out some of your favorite recipes, and begin your new diet!

Take the dartboard approach to find new activities.


Have you ever seen TV shows or movies where someone will spin their finger around or throw a dart at a page in the newspaper and pick up whatever job it lands on? This idea could extend to trying out new things as well. One great way to do this is to use a website like Groupon to find discounted activities and services near you, print out your favorite coupons, and choose whichever one you land on or hit a dart with. Then, you can repeat this every couple of months or so to get some more variety in your life.

Trying something new can seem scary, but finding new experiences is how we grow and meet new and exciting people along the way. If you need more brand new things in your life, try out some of the recommendations above to get that rush that you’ve been looking for.