Planning Home Improvements During Pandemic

Trying to improve your home during the pandemic adds more challenges to an already complicated situation. Home improvements are sometimes necessary if you want to live comfortably, and bad weather or broken appliances aren’t going to wait for the pandemic to go away. If you need your roof repaired or a new oven or dishwasher but the pandemic is keeping you from getting the renovation that you need, here are some ways to help get your house back on track.

Roof Renovation

Getting a roof repaired or renovated is considerably easier to manage than some other types of renovation that you might need, but you still need to take basic precautions to prevent interpersonal contact when you need to talk to the roofers that will be fixing the problem. You still need to be able to convey what you want done to your roof, and if you are interested in more extensive roof renovation. For example, are you interested in domestic solar power generation as suggested by notable figures like Hayes Barnard?If so, you will probably need to let people into your house to properly install the appropriate electrical components of the solar systems as well. When discussing your renovations with technicians you should always wear a mask to minimize the potential spread of the virus, and it might not be a bad idea to wash your clothes and take a shower after you are definitely finished interacting with people who might potentially be at risk for the Coronavirus, even if your conversation took place on the patio outside.

Appliance Repair

Few are better at repairing complex appliances (dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, and the like) better than the tradesmen who fix them on a regular basis, but if you aren’t one of these people you are going to have to call in your local appliance repair in Oregon. Repair technicians are supposed to follow CDC regulations like everyone else, too, so you should still be able to follow social distancing guidelines easily enough. That being said, larger companies are more likely to instruct their employees to follow the appropriate guidelines but social distancing is always a worthwhile subject to bring up if you suspect that it may become an issue. If you decide on taking the DIY option to appliance repair instead, then you should take advantage of the curbside appliance pickup services that many hardware stores feature. As always, you should consider disinfecting anything that you suspect might have come into contact with the Coronavirus and wear a mask when interacting with other people for any reason.

Outdoor Renovation

Much like rooftop renovation, renovating outdoor areas like porches or patios should theoretically be safer than interior renovation when it comes to COVID-19. That being said, you should still take all the precautions around these areas that you would in public for a few days at the very least. Sunlight may help disinfect areas that are potentially infected with COVID-19, but if you or a loved one are at greater risk for complications from the pandemic you should still be careful in that area until you are certain that the area in question is safe. If you plan on getting a front patio renovated or installing a container garden, don’t forget that you still have the option of using other entrances while construction is underway. Also worth keeping in mind is that disinfecting outdoor patio plants might not be an option since a disinfectant is likely to sicken or kill a plant. If you suspect that your container plants might be contaminated you should leave them alone for a while and refrain from touching any type of plant if you need to give some water to a shade-lover.


You don’t necessarily have to stop using a recently renovated area for a few days to avoid the Coronavirus. Disinfectants do a great job of removing COVID-19 contaminants, although they still need to be applied correctly. Wearing gloves is going to be a good way to keep coronavirus off your skin, yes, but the primary reason for this is to prevent the disinfectant from irritating your hands and arms while you clean. After you put on your gloves, if you are cleaning a hard surface you should first use soap and water before applying disinfectant for best results. Main points of interest you should consider disinfecting include doorknobs, tables, landline phones, and countertops. Softer items like pillows and couches can be disinfected if you use soap and water or a household disinfectant, and putting them through the laundry is an equally valid option.

The DIY Option

Sometimes, a renovation might not be needed if you can find a simple fix for a seemingly big problem. An oven or refrigerator door’s seal, for example, might have gotten damaged over the years and that is all that needs to be replaced to cook or refrigerate food properly again. If you aren’t afraid of reading some instructions and getting your hands dirty, making your renovation a DIY project is not out of the question either. DIY projects do require a lot of planning, a significant time investment, and a willingness to learn how your plumbing and electrical connections are wired. That being said, if you can manage to figure this out it will be much cheaper than hiring trained professionals. As you progress with your DIY renovation, the top priority should be to keep it going; if you lose motivation in the middle of your project and get comfortable living with a half-done job, then you risk never finishing what you started.

Renovation during the pandemic is a more difficult prospect than it has ever been before. In addition to needing to book a number of trained professionals for the job you will have to reduce or avoid contact with them entirely. Such professionals might even be in higher demand than usual as a result of an increased desire to change the appearance of one’s home after being forced to stay in it so much is also a possibility, but this may change depending on where you live in the United States. One way or another, though, if you want to change your house for the better there is little that will be able to stop you once you get going.