Ways to Repurpose Your Kitchen if You Don’t Cook

Life is short. Why play pretend when you can just state the obvious? If you don’t cook, you don’t cook. Not everyone does. Once you’ve admitted it to yourself, thrown up your hands, and are okay with shouting it out to the world, go a step further. How great would it feel if you broke past every conventional rule you ever heard about a home—specifically the kitchen?

Too many of us use our kitchens as places to lay our keys or store cold drinks. Ovens are only used to hide dirty dishes in a pinch when surprise guests come to visit. Our most used appliance is our coffee pot or maybe the microwave. Imagine what we could really do with all that wasted space if we put our minds to it? If you’re feeling brave and looking for ideas on how you could repurpose your dusty kitchen space, read on.

Your Own Art Studio


If art’s your thing, this idea might be just for you. Any artist knows that creating is a pretty messy thing. Imagine no more need for long, drippy trips to the sink? With a little research, you could soon enough find yourself transforming your kitchen into a work of art. Better still, it could be the very place you make art too.

Are you a potter? Could you use your oven differently? Repurposing appliances for our own, unique needs is never a bad idea. Think about the things you like to do and create. It won’t take long to make a list of new uses for old appliances.

If repurposing your kitchen into an art studio sounds good to you, you’ll want to set the mood. Use old paints and whatever else you have on hand to redo the cabinets. They’ll be used for storing supplies instead of Grandma’s dishes that you won’t use, so giving them a lift and thinking about how you’ll organize will be important. After donating pots and pans and other items you won’t use, take the time to sketch out a mural or come up with a theme that will speak to you.

Replace that kitchen table with a drafting desk or your best easel. Toss the breadbox in favor of a brush rack. Visit a junkyard for supplies to repurpose. Whatever you do, don’t look back. By the time your project’s complete, you’ll have a masterpiece on your hands.

A Writing Cave


Bright colors, quotes from favorite authors, and a bookshelf could be just the things to set the mood for a writing cave. Pull the doors off cabinets to replace plates and dishes with your favorite books. Set one cabinet aside for books about the craft of writing.

Pull out the sink, and replace it with a printer. Buy some stools that work just perfectly for your laptop on the counter. You’ll want space for your creating. Stacks of manuscripts and research can be left out where you once piled up the takeout boxes. Pull tile backsplash out, and replace with corkboard. The ideas are limitless.

Writing is hard work. Consider ordering delivered water from a place like Labrador Canada to keep you hydrated well into the night. What are you waiting for? Your muse is calling and wants a happy ending for you.

A Reading Retreat


Not into writing? You could substitute that writing cave for a cozy reading nook or home library with the same steps. Only this time, pull out the kitchen island, and replace it with a cozy lounge or hammock. You’ll be reading in style in no time while munching on your favorite carryout. If this is your plan, be sure to think about lighting. Bright lights and dimmer switches will go a long way in your reading comfort.

Your Pet’s Own Suite


Do you have pets? Have you ever considered a side business? Turning your kitchen into a grooming den could be the perfect solution. Replace that island with a place for your pups to stand while you’re giving them a trim. The plumbing’s there. Pull out that oven for more room for a washing basin. Replace the fridge with a drying stand, and before you know it, your pet will be looking great and your kitchen may even be lucrative.

Repurposing a kitchen is only limited by your imagination. Think about your passions, and get started today. You’ll thank yourself for it and have a whole new place to both create and use.